The purpose of this organization is to bring Iranian organizations together to share their resources, to promote appreciation of Iranian cultural heritage and preservation of Iranian artifacts. Moreover, Iran Alliance provides clearinghouse for information on Iranian history and culture.


In October of 2000 (Aaban 1379), we came together and signed a letter to voice our concerns about Iranian historical heritage.

One goal of this Internet web site is to document the stolen properties which now are transferred to locations and museums in western countries. These archeological finds belong to Iran and its people. Other countries and citizens of the world value them, but Iranians deserve to keep them in Iran. These artifacts provide many answers to contributions of Iranians to the world. According to the UNESCO Convention 1970, legal actions can be taken to return the stolen properties to Iran.

This website is dedicated to Persian Gulf studies. Golfe Persique / Persischen Golf / الخليج الفارسى