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The purpose of the following questionnaire is to identify the talents/skills of our members so that we will better achieve Persian Gulf (PG) goals. Members promise to abide by PG rules.

Your responses will be kept confidential. So answer as honestly as you can.
At PGTF, we are interested in finding ways of reaching to more individuals constantly.

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– Membership committee







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With which of the following committees can you help us?

Committee for Resources Development (e.g., raising money)
Membership Committee (e.g., attract new members and
maintain a database for members)
Public Relations Committee (e.g., news related to PG, educating
public, etc.)
Historical/geographical Committee (committee in charge of maps,
historical documents, etc.)
Publication Committee (e.g., handling publishing the PG magazine

Are you willing to support/establish a local/regional chapter?

All donations received will go towards advertisement, publications, website development, and other related expenditures. If you would like to make a donation (any amount) to PGTF, please state the amount and the check number and please send it to the following address:
(check or money order, or paypal)
Persian Gulf
P.O. Box 3251
Alhambra, CA 91803


Feel free to offer some ideas/comments.

Thank you.

Javad Fakharzadeh, Chair
PersianGulfTaskForce (PGTF)

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